It's me

I wish I was never born.

I’ll never be good enough for you. Why am I still fighting?

I just want to make you happy. Like very happy. I just want to be “the one” for you, you know..
I want to be perfect.
But I’m not.
I’m ugly. Fat. Etc. My parents don’t even want us to be together.
I don’t get why you still want me. I’m not that girl who deserves you. You deserve someone who’s always there when you need her. I wish I could. I’m not just “in love” with you. I love you. Like you’re my other half. And Iknow you would never read this. But. Baby, I need you. I don’t deserve you, but I need you. Nothing else. Nobody else. Just you. ONLY YOU.

That people who say “It will be okay”. They don’t know my mind. They don’t know my feelings. They don’t know what’s going on.
Fack you all. YOU GUYS DONT GET IT. So don’t say it will be okay. CUZ YOU DON’T KNOW OR IT WILL BE OKAY.

I am so sorry.

I’m not depressed, but every time someone asks “are you unhappy?” or “are you okay?” I always lie..

Just dont wanna lose you.